Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello everyone,
Yesterday I went to see my consultant to get the starter kit for my sisterlocks. I have slippage around my hair line. So to keep it from slipping any further, she told me to use hairclips. I will post pictures to show the slippage. I am trying not to panic. lol. But all in all, she said that they are looking good.
Talk to you later.


  1. Yeah, you have to watch slippage. I had the same problem for 2 years now and sometimes I still have problems in my nape area. Just make sure you don't do any manipulation to your locks. Don't do a whole lot of styling just let them be. If you experience dryness to the scalp and dandruff I used witch hazel with tea tree oil rub area with a soft cloth. Of course during washing braid and band :)

  2. My consultant told me to use Seabreeze to help keep my scalp clean after I exercise. I bought the Sisterlocks dry scalp spray. I don't do anything to my, just rub my hands through them and shake and go. What do you recommend to keep the relaxed ends moisterize? And for itching, my scalp itches alot.

  3. Yeah, itching is normal samething happen to me when I first got them. Keep using your sea breeze or use witchhazel with tea tree oil. You have to get the tea tree oil from Chamberlains or maybe wholefoods. That's were I got mine from. I gave all my oils to DD. Have to get more. Your sisterlock spray should help keeping your relaxed ends moisturize.

    A good website to join the ladies all have sisterlocks. You can ask questions and they will respond.
    It's funny another lady from that website said help loosing sisterlocks :)


Thanks for all your comments! I really do appreciate them.

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